On Which Road To Take

Life is a series of moments where you will be standing at a point, deciding on which road to take. 

As the proverb goes, we’re lead to believe that the road less travelled, is more adventurous and less crowded. And of course we want more adventure in life, more thrill, so we tell ourselves, ‘Hey, it’s going to be difficult but it will be worth it. I’m going to learn so much and I’m going to gain so much’. 
Alright. That’s fair enough. We never grow if we don’t give ourselves a chance to explore, take on an untraveled path, make mistakes and gain experience in the process. 

But must be always give ourselves grief in order to grow? Must we always choose the more difficult option to explore? Should experiences be shaped by bitter memories for them to be considered worth it? 

Give yourself a time out. You’re a human and throughout this lifetime, you’ll get options – the easy one and the hard one. 

And I’ve never been the one to say that shirking from hard work is the easier option, but sometimes it’s okay to take shortcuts or the road that every one else seems to be taking. Sometimes the more difficult road can lead you to nowhere but a dead end. 

And until now, I thought unless I slog off at work for more or less the same pay that I uses to make at my previous job that seemed easier in terms of travel, convenience and the effort required, I won’t be able to grow and I won’t be able to go places. 

So I took up the challenge. I travelled quite a few miles to go to the new job, was okay about ungodly working hours and put in all my efforts towards something I realised wasn’t my area of interest in the first place. 

Was the previous job not worth it because it came naturally and felt easy? Of course not but I only just realised that I actually liked it. 

We learn from mistakes and here is my lesson, ‘Don’t always insist on taking the hard road because sometimes we create a more difficult road just in order to punish ourselves for crimes we didn’t commit in the first place’.


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