It’s that time of the year again…

But I made it, I made it though the most terrible time of my life and here I am. 
Alive. Breathing. Kicking. 
It’s been a year today. Past mistakes don’t feel like a burden anymore. I don’t cry thinking of the memories anymore. My heart doesn’t pain anymore. 
I’m happy. I smile. I laugh. 
I let go. 
Happy Diwali. 
May all the darkness in your life be replaced with light and your soul be infused with love and happiness. 


Of Maybes 


Maybe we’re all different by name, but we’re playing the same game

Maybe we’re always running cause deep down, we want to be chased

Maybe we’re not bone tired, we’re tired from fighting a war inside our head

Maybe we’re so fond of nostalgia because we’re afraid of being happy

Maybe we’re living in houses, but our homes are in the arms of someone

Maybe we’re not lost yet, just waiting to be found.

A retreat for the soul. 

Tears slowly cascade down her cheeks, not matching up to the heightened gnawing pain in her chest that feels almost too unbearable for a minute.

The salty moisture traveling southward won’t even match unto the million thoughts zooming past her head. Every single of them painful and reminding them of what she’s been lacking.

She’s been strong too long, pretending all is okay. Like her existence has still plenty of meaning left and that she’d find a way to make it through. Waiting, wishing that each new day would bring in a new possibility, that finally, it would be her time to shine, just like everybody else seems to be doing.

But then it becomes glaringly obvious, staring at the bright side too long never did her any good. All it did was left her blinded, disappointed.

She wanted to believe, oh she did, but fate and universe had other plans for her. To put her in a state of limbo, with no signs towards the exit route.

The positive thoughts began to turn into doubts, hope shattered and she began to fear that she was right for being as afraid as she always was.

Maybe tomorrow she wouldn’t be such a downer but not today. Today was her day to retreat. To pull down the blinds of her soul, to take off her rose tinted glasses of positivity and hope.

Today she would shut down, from people and technology and happy stories and romantic movies.

Today she would mourn, cry, let it all out and send her soul on a retreat.

2015: Hello Year of Solutions

Biding adieu to 2014, a fresh New Year holds open its doors for us to enter. It’s that time of the year, the time to be filled with energy and positivity, to feel motivated and kick start all the plans that were thrown in the back-burner, to be believe in you and everybody around you and simply trust in the magic of beginnings.

My mantra for the year is simple and inspired by this collage of quotes.


Start with you. You are your own problem and you are also your own solution. We’ve seen enough of the problems and hence, let this year be the year of Solutions. Why don’t you crawl back in the deeper cervices of your mind and pull out the blatant answers to all your problems? You know them, they’ve also been staring right at you but you just won’t look it in the eyes. You’ve been avoiding it, neglecting it and possibly, keeping it for later. Well, no more of that! You work on it and work on it now!

For the rest of the year, the routine is simple.

Surround yourself with the things you love the most, discard the rest. I say this lovely quote should also make room for people. Surround yourself with things and people you love the most. Detach yourself from people that make you feel not-so-good about yourself. They’re nothing but trouble for your New Year Goal.

Don’t rush and never settle. If it’s meant to be, it will. Good things take time and it probably will take years out of your lifetime to reach you but do you really want to continue doing things that suck the happiness out you? How long before they bog you down, make your heart heavy and leave you without it making you feel like you aren’t  living a meaningful life? Wish for it and work towards it and if it’s meant to be, it will.

The BEST is yet to come. Not for a second stop believing that there’s a better life ahead of you.

She designed a life she loved. Work towards creating a life you look forward to. A life where you can’t wait to wake up to in the morning and start your day.

As for me, I am collecting the excuses and setting them on fire. No more letting my excuses and problem define me. I am going to let my solutions, efforts, dedication and hard work define me.

I plan to seriously work towards these year goals and write a detailed post about how they helped me in December 2015. Meanwhile, I hope you have a wonderful year ahead.

Hello Hope. Goodbye Expectations.

For the longest time now, I’ve clubbed hopes and expectations as my A-Team only to find out that they aren’t even close to being each other’s synonyms and in fact, they’re of completely different constructs.

I recently had a conversation with someone who unveiled for me, what it means to ‘EXPECT THE WORST, HOPE FOR THE BEST’.

Expectations – This word is on the negative side of the construct.

Expect from no one but yourself. Expectations from others will bring you nothing but heartache and pain. Often by simply associating with people, we begin the process of expecting something out of them, be it materialistic or even just a common courtesy.

When the expectations aren’t met with, we feel that every single person in your life has been a source of constant disappointment. You feel entitled and righteous towards an outcome but fail to realize you have absolutely no control over an outcome.

Remember this quote:


Hope – This word is on the positive side of the construct.

Hope is a word used to describe a feeling or situation in which you place your beliefs for a desired outcome.  But it is important to remember here, that you desire, but you do not attach yourself to the desire. The minute there is any sort of desire involved, it becomes a form of expectation, bound to bring in disappointment.

When you hope but do not expect, it is easier to deal with the end result. If the end result is not up to what you had hoped for, you do not beat yourself up over it because you simply not expected.

Hope will keep you happy. Hope will keep you sane. Hope will keep you sane.

Think over this quote:


An Example:

You message a person for the first time ever on a social networking site.

Here, you hope that the person would reply to you but you do not expect the person to reply.

Here, hope admits reality but is not limited to experience.

So, say hello to HOPE and goodbye to EXPECTATIONS.