Smirking In Irony 


And suddenly it was crystal clear. 
Why you chose her, and why you walked away, putting the entire blame on my shoulder. 
I wished you’d been man enough to have courage and speak the truth. 

We live in a world where we constantly talk about chivalry being dead and dead it is, for you never thought of taking the responsibility to share the blame of us falling apart. I bet the shopping bags you held for me are smirking at the irony. 

I don’t envy her, I never did. I always thought she was way below the type of girl you deserved. You deserved me. Now I’m smirking at the irony. 

I don’t blame her, I don’t blame you, I don’t even blame myself. You took the easy way out. How can I blame you for following a simple human nature? 

We all want what is easy, and convenient. 

She was there, raw, real, reachable. 

I was sitting at home, thousands of miles away, waiting for a text that never back. How would it? 

You were busy hugging human warmth that couldn’t have reached through my texts. 

I forgive you. Following your heart and following your nature is hardly a sin. 

It was too soon, it wasn’t soon enough. 

We were too perfect and you imperfect for each other. 

I forgive you. 

I’m free. 
And yet my tears are smirking in irony. 


The Strangeness Of It All 

Things were always taken for granted but lately, a long of list of people have forcefully wedged themselves in this list, their faces a slight memory, against a rustic wall of a coffee shop or in a cab, a rushed picture, because, ‘the sunlight is just too fit for our beautiful faces’.
Slight remorse was perfectly manageable to deal with, cause you know, we’re those who won’t talk for days and then when we talk, it’s like we were never apart.
But hush my darling, let life give you a lesson. Remorse left my wake and in came indifference and rushed pictures with another batch of people.
Now I’m cold but it would be inhuman of me to try to let you in, back in a place that might feel replaced by someone else but will never will be.
So I accept your ignorance, a need to not justify and send you along to do as you please, with all my love and wishes for your good future.
If in this life we meet again, we will complete a cycle, we started off being strangers and strangers till the end we shall be.