It’s that time of the year again…

But I made it, I made it though the most terrible time of my life and here I am. 
Alive. Breathing. Kicking. 
It’s been a year today. Past mistakes don’t feel like a burden anymore. I don’t cry thinking of the memories anymore. My heart doesn’t pain anymore. 
I’m happy. I smile. I laugh. 
I let go. 
Happy Diwali. 
May all the darkness in your life be replaced with light and your soul be infused with love and happiness. 


21 Signs You’re An EDM Baby!


Do names like Avicii, Armin van Buuren, Martin Garrix, Tiesto, Nicky Romero frequent your playlists?

You have an account on SoundCloud or Beatport to update yourself with the latest tracks?

Your hands automatically go up in the air when you’re listening to your favorite tracks, no matter the time or place?

You like tracks that give you a crazy energy, make you want to jump up and down and go about running, hugging everyone you meet on the way?

Welcome to the club, EDM Baby. Read along the signs of a typical EDM Baby

1) You have a bucket list of all the biggest and the best EDM concerts around the world you want to attend.


2) The mantra closest to your heart is this:


3) You can differentiate between a million EDM genres.

4) You’re a party animal. Bright lights and loud sounds are your best friends.


5) You don’t mind big crowds. You think of it as ‘One Big EDM Family’.


6) You’re a pro at grabbing early bird tickets just as they hit online.


7) Your reaction to the ticket prices:


8) But you decide to splurge anyways, because:


9) You start the countdown to the days remaining until you can attend the concert or the festival way before it’s considered normal.


10) Your reaction when the Line Up is announced:


11) You keep listening to the tracks by the artist whose concert you’re attending, again and again and again!


12) The excitement one week prior to the concert:


13) On the day of the concert, your pre-party looks something like this:


14) You’re always in sync with the music and people around you


15) You’re not afraid of letting your crazy out!


16) Your signature move when your favorite tracked gets played.


17) You get adrenalin rush when the beat drops.


18) After the concert is over, you will add this band to the collection of other concert bands.


19) EDM isn’t just music to you, it’s a religion.


20) How you look once you return from the Concert:


21) Your mood for a week post concert: