On Sleepless Nights

Sleepless Nights. 
It’s knowing you’re hurting yourself but not stopping your path to self destruction
It’s your heart wanting to freely trust but your mind playing game of friction
It’s convincing yourself that being lonely is your salvation, to stay aloof is the only way to be 
It’s all that hurt wrapped on your skin, blinding you from all the good that’s still left to see 
But once in a while when the fog clears, I run free from the maze of doubts and fear 
That windy night on your terrace is a stunning moment I will always hold dear
The sky, a beautiful mix of dark and rosy, showering a light drizzle on my cheeks 
Your arm caressing my waist softly as I stare out in amaze is that one thing on sleepless nights I miss. 


Restless Nights 



I’m restless, from missing you like I do. 

Days pass by easily, it’s the nighttime that I’m afraid of. 

For during nights, you plague my mind, unwelcomed, taking over my thoughts, uninvited. 

Times like these, I’m reminded of how lonely I am, lonely in a crowded room. 

The vision of you, of us, is still so clear, it’s a shame it will only be a dream now, I dare say, a nightmare perhaps? 

The fire in my heart from your presence has faded into wisps of smoke that’s choking me. 

You’re suffocating me with your memories even when you’ve gone far away. .