The Word ‘Different’

Different. More often than not, it is regarded as a negative connotation. Our society has a very different definition of the word ‘different’ than what it originated as. 
I’m not a stuck up person, my way of life is just different than yours. I’m not lazy, I just prioritise my tasks differently than you. I don’t care less, I just dedicate my time and emotions to people and things closest to my heart. I don’t not give a fuck, I just don’t give a fuck about you. 
Don’t hate on me for living my life differently than what you would consider ‘normal’ because, come on, normal is overrated and we’re living in god damn 21st century. You’d think after years of evolution, research, science and technology, human brain would at least be somewhat mature but not everyone has cared to evolve. What else would you call people who label others based on their race, income, political beliefs and their general way of life? 
I am different than you and you are different than me because guess what, God made us this way and if we’d all be like each other, this world would be a pretty boring place. (I’d be praying to an alien to come take me to Mars) 
People are often mocked and ridiculed because they simply don’t fit in the definition of ‘normal’ set by a bunch of other people.  They will say “how can you just not give a fuck!”. Well you got it wrong, there are plenty of fucks to give, just none to you. 
Being an introvert mostly comes with pitfalls. One doesn’t  mind being called shy but usually, the reality hits too far away from home. ‘Ignorant’, ‘Slow’, ‘Stuck Up’, ‘None Fucks To Give’ were always the words one is often associated with. 

Take me for an example. 
I’m an introvert. I’m different from you. I can’t always make small talks about the weather or dwell deep into the sea of spirituality. 
I like crowds just as much as I like keeping to myself. 
I like books, and tea, and music,  and sunsets. I like picnics on a sunny day with people who understand my silence. 
I’m not abnormal, I’m different, I’m just not like you. 


The Strangeness Of It AllĀ 

Things were always taken for granted but lately, a long of list of people have forcefully wedged themselves in this list, their faces a slight memory, against a rustic wall of a coffee shop or in a cab, a rushed picture, because, ‘the sunlight is just too fit for our beautiful faces’.
Slight remorse was perfectly manageable to deal with, cause you know, we’re those who won’t talk for days and then when we talk, it’s like we were never apart.
But hush my darling, let life give you a lesson. Remorse left my wake and in came indifference and rushed pictures with another batch of people.
Now I’m cold but it would be inhuman of me to try to let you in, back in a place that might feel replaced by someone else but will never will be.
So I accept your ignorance, a need to not justify and send you along to do as you please, with all my love and wishes for your good future.
If in this life we meet again, we will complete a cycle, we started off being strangers and strangers till the end we shall be.