Untainted Moments

Serenity never felt so good

This fine Sunday evening 

On the dusty terrace

Lighting up a minty smoke

Listening to some mellow tunes 

With wind teasing my hair 

And watching the sunset sky slowly become one with the inky after hours

All alone

No hustle of the daily grind 

No bustle of unknown faces 

Mind finally at ease 

A content sigh on my lips 

I gave so much to people 

I forgot to take for myself 

A little piece of sanity 

A moment of alone time 

Tomorrow, the day will start with blues 

Tomorrow, I will chase the deadlines 

But this instant is untainted 

These picturesque glances are all mine.  


Complete Your Incomplete

Keeping the twin birth scenario aside, we didn’t come on this earth in a pair nor are our souls going to fade into dust in a pair. 

So why is there a deep rooted need to constantly be on the lookout for somebody to complete us? 

Why is there a strong belief that you need a significant other to give you your own very happy ending? 

Because let me tell you, the concept of Happy Endings is a farce, Happy Endings belong in Disney movies. 

You start a great relationship with someone, but a few months or a few years down the line, things change, you don’t love them anymore or they don’t care for you as deeply as they used to. 

The end is inevitable and then what? You’ll start the hunt for another special someone perhaps? Or you’ll waste away your life, sitting glumly and wondering where did it all go wrong?

To come across another human who is completely content by being on his/her own is truly a miraculous moment, to be savoured and taken due inspiration from. 

You can’t let your life be dictated by maelstrom of promises and constant validation from another. 

Fulfilment and contentment does not come by sharing a life with someone. What good is love coming from another if you haven’t learned to love yourself right first? 

Embrace your solitude, let the empty space around be a source of comfort, a source of peace you crave. 

Perhaps by doing so, you will know that fulfilment comes from loving the incomplete, broken parts of you, the ones that cannot be joined by another, even your so called ‘soul mate’. 

I hope one day you wake up and realise that only you can complete your incomplete. 



You may fall down

But you’ll get up

Some days you’ll cry yourself to sleep

Some nights you won’t sleep at all

Far and near, you’ll lose people that are dear

The cold in your soul will be thwarted

Happy memories will be washed 

Leaving a faint hint of nostalgia

One day they’ll even fade

Freeing up your mental storage space 

You’ll learn to compartmentalise anew 

People, priorities, places

Life will make sense again 

Mind over matter

Sanity and semblance will return

Feelings won’t claw like a monster inside of you

Once more, you’ll find yourself wanting to smile

With or without the help of another

You’ll start feeling different, happier

You’ll start breathing with a purpose

You’ll start loving again, loving you 

Cause baby girl when you’ve been down for too long

There’s nowhere to go but rise upwards.